Thursday 20th June 2013 - Married for 2475 days

Where To Stay

Guy and laura will be staying at Hotel Ariston in Malcesine There are a number of other guests staying at this hotel also and you can book either directly through the hotel by emailling them at: or on

There are so many hotels in and around the Malcesine area, most hotels are small family run hotels but there are a few bigger hotels for those wanting to splash out!

This is a list of hotels in Malcesine that has been provided by our wedding planner:

* Hotel Castello 4 star:

* Hotel Europa 4 star:

* Hotel Excelsior Bay 4 star:

* Park Hotel Querceto 4 star:

* Hotel Alpi 3 star:

* Ambient Hotel Primaluna 3 star:

* Hotel Augusta 3 star:

* Hotel Capri 3 star:

* Hotel Catullo 3 star:

* Hotel Modena 2 star:

* Villa Treccani (S/C apartments)

You can also book hotels through all the usual websites... Expedia, etc...

Please be aware though that whilst some comparison websites will state that certain hotels are fully booked, if you contact the hotel directly they will more often than not have availibility. This is because each hotel allocate a set amount of rooms for each company to book on their behalf. It may also be because certain hotels require minimum stays, however once again if you contact them directly you'll often find that they will be accommodating.