Thursday 20th June 2013 - Married for 2476 days

Gift List

As we will have been living together for nearly 4 years by the time we get married we aren't short of the usual suspects that appear on your average gift list.

Alternatively what we really want is a seriously kick a**e honeymoon!
We are hoping to fly out to Sydney and see some of the east coast of Australia and spend a couple of weeks taking in the sights and sounds down under.

We have started up a Wishing Well account where guests can make contributions towards our "Honey-fund" to help us on our way to having an amazing and memorable trip as we start our married life together, and when we're lying on the beach, or enjoying a cocktail by the pool we'll think back and know it was all down to our wonderful guests for making our dream honeymoon a reality and a trip we'll never forget. xx

You can access and make contributions to our Wishing Well Honey-fund at:
Registry Number: 333711451

Or view it now using the link: