Thursday 20th June 2013 - Married for 2476 days

About Us


GuyGuy was born in London but spent most of his younger years in Stamford, lincs.
He had many happy years at Stamford School before moving up north to Liverpool to go to university where he studied Aeronautical Engineering.
Then even more money was spent to achieve his airline flying license in Oxford and Arizona.
After a job offer with flybe he moved to Glasgow to start his career as a commercial airline pilot before moving down to The Midlands where he met Laura.


LauraLaura was born in the Midlands and grew up in Cheshire until the age of 12 when she then moved with her parents to Devon. Laura spent the majority of her school and college years in Devon before going to work for Flybe in Exeter where she worked for 4 and a half years.
She then returned to The Midlands with her parents and accepted a job offer with Monarch, this however didn't work out and she went to work for Virgin Altantic instead.
After getting back in touch with an old Flybe friend Laura moved to Solihull and rented a house 2 doors down from her husband to be!

How we met...

We met back in 2009, through our good friend James Gedling who introduced us on a night out.
Unbeknown to Laura, Guy actually lived in a flat 2 doors down from the house she shared with James... that little flat became our first home together a little under a year later :-)

The proposal...

The proposal took place at home in our little flat, over pink champagne that Guy had hid in the garden!